GOG.com redesigned, adds section for DRM-free movies

GOG (PC) Movie and Site Redesign Announcement - Screenshot 1

GOG.com has announced that they have expanded their service to include DRM-free movies. Each film is priced at $5.99 and, at the moment, has something to do with gaming or Internet culture, though future additions will expand to include “TV and cinema classics from major studios.” Buyers can either stream or download the films, and as with the games, digital extras will be included with purchase. There are currently 20 documentaries available, two of which, Art of Playing and TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard, are being offered for free so that users can get a chance to experience the service.

The site has also been redesigned to not only fit in the new section but also add some additional options and general adjustments. Some of the new features and improvements that gamers will find include new payment options, a local currency option, and tweaks for better performance on mobiles.

GOG (PC) Movie and Site Redesign Announcement - Screenshot 2

Official Site: GOG.com

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