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Ace Combat Infinity update adds new crafts, missions, and parts

A new patch has gone live for Ace Combat Infinity. The free-to-play title is being expanded with five new aircraft, an increased level cap for 15 craft, nine new aircraft parts, seven new campaign missions, new special raid missions for Stonehenge and another limited-time mission, and the ability to view rankings for allies and rivals. Full details can be found below.


PlayStation 3 News

Wasteland 2 development wraps, final version to launch next month

The post-apocalyptic role-playing game Wasteland 2 will launch on September 19, according to developer inXile. The crowd-funded title has been available for several months to early backers in test form, but next month marks its final release in both digital and physical formats. The announcement also noted that the studio has used earnings from early sales, as well as some dosh chipped in by CEO Brian Fargo, has allowed the studio to double the title’s budget to over $5 million.


PC News

Upcoming Wii U RPG Alphadia Genesis detailed, screens released

Natsume has detailed the cast from their upcoming Wii U role-playing game, Alphadia Genesis. This entry marks the series debut in North American, and is currently available for Android and iOS, and to get everyone up to speed, a detailed list of the primary players has been released along with some screenshots of everyone in action. The storyline picks up 15 years after the end of the Energi Wars, a series of battles that saw the introduction of clones as weapons, as the two belligerents, Augustine and Archleign, continue to work together for peace.


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