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Dontnod returns with time-traveling adventure Life is Strange

Remember Me developer Dontnod is back with a new episodic adventure, Life is Strange. Square Enix will be publishing the title, set to launch for 360, PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox One, which follows student Max Caulfield and the mystery behind the disappearance of another student, Rachel Amber. After returning to her hometown of Arcadia Bay, Oregon for the first time in five years, Max reunites with her old friend Chloe and sets out with her to look into what happened to Rachel. To her surprise, Max quickly discovers that she has the power to rewind time. The narrative-driven adventure will react to the player’s choices, malleable as they are with the time-warping powers, which will affect how the story unfolds from one episode to the other.


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Dead Island 2 gamescom demo footage, screenshots released

Deep Silver has released a new gameplay trailer and new screens from Yager’s Dead Island 2. Picking up after Dead Island and the upcoming Escape Dead Island, players will find themselves trying to survive in Los Angeles while its under quarantine by the military. Up to eight players can fight, cooperate, or ignore one another as they make their way through the undead hordes. The new media is being released in anticipation of this year’s gamescom in Germany, where attendees will be able to get some hands-on time at Deep Silver’s booth in Hall 9.1, B11/C10.


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Kalypso to publish Gaming Mind’s new RTS, Grand Ages: Medieval

Kalypso has added a new real-time strategy title to their line-up, Gaming Mind Studios’ Grand Ages: Medieval. The game’s official debut will be behind closed doors at this year’s gamescom, but Kalypso did reveal several details. Players will take on the role of a mayor governing a small European settlement in the year 1050. The village sits in a large world, around 30 million square kilometers, within which players can expand their realm and solidify their hold on power by conquering new territories, founding new cities, building trade networks, and researching new technology. Disasters, including fires, droughts, and plagues, will add an element of randomness to keep would-be kings on their toes. Multiplayer will also be supported for up to eight players.


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