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Remastered Resident Evil being remastered for console, PC

The 2002 GameCube remake of the original Resident Evil is itself being remade as an updated digital re-release for 360, PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox One. The latest version will launch early next year and feature a host of audio and visual updates. Some of the updates include remastered sound effects with support for 5.1 surround sound, options for 4:3 ratio or 16:9 widescreen, increased resolution, upgraded textures, support for 1080p for PS4 and Xbox One, and the ability to choose between classic controls (re: tank style) or alternative (characters move “directly in the direction of the analogue stick”).


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The resolute ranger sets out today in Road Not Taken for PC, PS4

Spry Fox’s roguelike puzzler Road Not Taken has launched for Mac, Windows PC and PS4. As a ranger, players will set out into the aftermath of a winter storm in search of lost children. The story is said to change with each playthrough, as the ranger only has 15 years to live and how often he goes out, who he rescues, and how he makes his way through the wilds will determine how the game unfolds.


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La-Mulana EX announced for PS Vita, to be released this year

Rising Star has announced that they will be releasing La-Mulana EX for PS Vita, an enhanced version of the Metroidvania-esque action-adventure title La-Mulana. Previously released for Windows PC and Wii via WiiWare, EX marks the first time the game has gone mobile. What’s being added hasn’t been revealed, but the publisher did say that the handheld version will be available later this year.


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Call of Duty: Ghosts – Nemesis launches for 360, Xbox One

Nemesis, the final download pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts, is now live for 360 and Xbox One. The $14.99 download includes four multiplayer maps as well as the final entry in the Extinction storyline, Exodus. The maps (Dynasty, Goldrush, Showtime, and Subzero), detailed below, range from small to medium in size and each include their own unique Field Orders. Exodus features different escape paths for a more dynamic last act, plus new weapons to craft and a new Ancestors enemy type.


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Physical version of Ultra Street Fighter IV out now for 360, PS3

After initially launching as a digital upgrade in July, the full standalone version of Ultra Street Fighter IV is available for 360 and PS3 for $39.99. The PC upgrade and full release is due out shortly, on August 8, via Steam for $29.99. Ultra adds five characters to the lineup (Decapre, Elena, Hugo, Poison, and Rolento), six new levels, Training Mode Fight Request to practice between fights, Offline Battle Log for saving offline battle replays, Edition Select to choose which version of a character is preferred, Double Ultra option for access to weaker versions of both ultras, Red Focus attacks, and more. The physical versions also come with all previously released costumes.


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