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Target to sell limited edition of Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle

Bandai Namco has announced a limited edition bundle for their upcoming action title Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle. In addition to the game, this version will also include a metallic Bravenwolf mini-figure. The set, which will launch alongside the regular version, will only be available at Target. To buy it at Target or not, it’s tough to compete with a free figurine.



Call of Duty: Ghosts to round out DLC run with Nemesis this August

Activision has announced the final download pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts, Nemesis. The drop will include four multiplayer maps as well as the final entry in the Extinction storyline, Exodus. The maps (Dynasty, Goldrush, Showtime, and Subzero) are each detailed below, but the batch ranges from small to medium in size and include their own unique Field Orders. Exodus opens up the Extinction mode some with different paths to take during the episode’s final escape, plus new weapons to craft and a new enemy type, the Ancestors.


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Frontier’s Edge goes live for PC, Xbox One versions of Titanfall

Frontier’s Edge, the latest map pack for Titanfall, is now available for PC and Xbox One. The $9.99 download includes three new maps: Dig, Export, and Haven. Dig features a series of narrow paths, surrounded by steep rock walls, that connect a network of processing plants; Export is set on the side of a mountain and focuses on close combat; and Haven centers on a beach resort built on the edge of a large crater lake.


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Cyber Rhino launches campaign for PC shooter Gryphon Knight Epic

A new Kickstarter has launched for a new side-scrolling shooter with a medieval theme, Gryphon Knight Epic. Developed by Cyber Rhino Studios, the Brazilian developer is looking for $18,000 to fund the title for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. In addition to traditional shooter elements, the game is said to also include exploration and duel-like boss battles, as Sir Oliver and his faithful gryphon Aquila battle through six levels that feature branching paths and two bosses. The buy-in price to gain a download voucher is $10, and the rewards go up from there to the single-slot Ultimate Cyber Rhino Gryphon!!! package for $1,500, which will allow the flush backer to assist with designing a stage, a plushy of the duo, and more.


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