Tropico 5 updated to ver. 1.03 with fixes, new costumes and maps

Tropico 5 (360, PC) Update Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

After yesterday’s release of the PC physical version of Tropico 5, a new patch has gone live. The 1.03 update adds three new maps for sandbox mode and six new dynasty member costumes, detailed below, as well as addresses several performance issues and bugs. Specifically, problems with trade route contracts expiring have been fixed along with performance of service buildings, trees remaining after the destruction of nearby logging camps, and the rebuild construction feature not working.

Tropico 5 is available in stores and online digitally for PC. Versions for 360 and Mac will be available later this summer, while the PS4 version is slated to launch this fall.

Full Change Log for Tropico 5 Update 1:03

• Added 3 new maps: Isla de Tucan, Dos Rios, Santa Teresa
• Added 6 new dynasty member costumes: Angel (female), Devil (female), Steampunk (female), Uncle Pedro (male), Napoleon (male), Steampunk (male)
• Multiplayer: Game checks for modified user files before launch
• Fixed issue with trade route contracts expiring
• Fixed issue with performance of service buildings
• Fixed issue with rebuild construction feature not working properly
• Fixed indestructible trees left in the vicinity of a destroyed logging camp

Tropico 5 (360, PC) Update Launch Announcement - Screenshot 2

Tropico 5 (360, PC, PS3, PS3) Beta Announcement - Screenshot 5 Tropico 5 (360, PC) August Screenshots - Screenshot 8

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