Drakengard 3 gets final batch of DLC, contest announced

Drakengard 3 (PS3) Wave Two Preorder Bonus Announcement - Art (Nier Costume Pack)

The last round of downloadable content has launched for Drakengard 3. Over six weapon and outfit packs as well as a prologue and a theme pack are now available on PSN, and each is detailed below. Several of the packs were pre-order bonuses or are from the Collector’s Edition, including three alternate color schemes for Zero, an outfit based off of Caim’s from Nier, a costume based from Nier’s outfit in the Japan-only Nier Replicant, and even a Giant Baby head for Mikhail styled after the bizarre creatures in the first Drakengard. One’s Prologue, formerly a CE exclusive, is also available, which helps to flesh out backstory behind all the bloody mayhem.

A Twitter-based contest also began today. Square Enix is giving away the Japanese Collector’s Edition, which comes with different items from its North American counterpart, to entrants who submit the best haiku. The development team will choose their favorites based on creativity and how relevant they are to the franchise.

For more information about Drakengard 3, check out our review.

Drakengard 3 is available in stores and online for PS3.

Garb / Weapons
• Zero’s Garb Variety Pack: A retailer exclusive pre-order item, this DLC contains three alternate costume color schemes for Zero. ($2.99)
• Caim’s Garb: A previous Collector’s Edition exclusive, this DLC – from the original Drakengard – halves the player’s stamina use when performing heavy attacks. ($2.99)
Beautiful Child: Originally included in the Collector’s Edition as a pre-order bonus, this is a cosmetic headwear for Mikhail in the shape of a Giant Baby head. ($0.99)
• Nier’s Garb: Modeled after Nier Replicant, the Japanese-Exclusive version of Nier, this costume boosts damage by five percent. ($2.99)
• Kainé’s Garb: Modeled after Kainé from Nier, this costume doubles the window for triggering a parry. ($2.99)
• Experimental Weapon #7: Cosmetic headwear for Mikhail modeled after Emil from Nier. ($0.99)

Prologues / Themes
• One’s Prologue: A Collector’s Edition exclusive as part of the Sisters’ Prologue Bundle, One’s Prologue is now available for individual purchase. ($5.99)
• PlayStation Themes: A Wave 3 pre-order bonus for Drakengard 3, these PSN themes prominently feature Zero, Mikhail and the four Disciples (Cent, Octa, Decadus and Dito) on players’ PlayStation 3 dashboards. ($0.99 each)

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