E3 2014: Sony – White PS4 Destiny bundle, PS TV, PS Now, more

PlayStation 4 (System) White System Dual Shock 4 Controller

Sony has announced that they will be expanding the PlayStation 4 line with a Destiny bundle that comes with a new Glacier White model. The pack will launch this fall and come with the system, a 30-day membership to PS Plus, and a copy of Destiny for $449. Alongside the model, Sony will also be releasing white peripherals, including a Dual Shock 4 and vertical stand. Several features were also announced, including greater Youtube integration, which will allow users to share, view, and upload videos. Another feature will allow PS3 and PS4 owners to invite PSN friends to join multiplayer sessions in titles they don’t own, with support announced for Far Cry 4.

Timed DLC and beta exclusives were also prominent. Batman: Arkham Knight will receive the exclusive Scarecrow Nightmare Missions, while a newly live beta of Battlefield: Hardline has launched for PS4 (and PC) and a Destiny alpha play session will kick off this Thursday. The demo for No Man’s Sky, an action title that features seamless transition from land- to space-based combat, will debut for PS4. Additionally, a remastered version of Grim Fandango will be available for PS4 and PS Vita and Suda 51’s Let it Die will be exclusive for PS4. Over a 120 titles are also scheduled to launch by the end of 2014, with a full list ready for browsing.

PlayStation 4 (System) White System Dual Shock 4 - Bundle

An open beta was also announced for PS Now, an upcoming streaming service for the entire PlayStation line. The program will kick off for PS4 on July 31, in September for PS3, and later this year for PS TV and PS Vita. A closed beta has been ongoing since January with PS3 users and recently with PS4. Sony plans on having over 100 titles available when the open beta launches. Pricing is still being worked out, with the press release noting that “SCE will work with its publishing partners to test various rental periods and prices, depending on how and when players would like to game.” Currently, plans include the option to rent for short periods of time for $2.99 or up to a month, and the general price range being considered is between $2.99 and $19.99. Subscription plans are also planned for the future. In the end, Sony notes, “publishers and developers will ultimately decide their game price points.”

And finally, some good news for PS Vita and PS4 owners, the PS Vita TV will be released this fall in North America. Renamed PS TV, the unit will come as a standalone package for $99 and as a bundle with a Dual Shock 3 controller, an 8 GB memory card, an HDMI cable, and a voucher for a download for Lego: The Movie for $139.99. The PS TV will allow players to download and play select PS One, PSP, and PS Vita games, stream PS4 games from a PS4 system via Remote Play, and stream PS3 games via PS Now. The unit will also allow for two players to join together for PS Vita multiplayer titles, with one playing the game using the PS Vita and the other on the TV. Up to two Dual Shock 3 or Dual Shock 4 controllers can be connected as well, for PS One multiplayer. Certain titles that require the use of add-ons or system-specific features, such as the PS Eye and touch-screen controls, will not be supported.

PlayStation 4 (System) White System Dual Shock 4 - System Side

Official Site: US.PlayStation.com

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