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Stories abound with release of Always Sometimes Monsters for PC

Always Sometimes Monsters, a new story-driven role-playing game inspired by real-life events, has launch for PC. Players choose a race, gender, and sexual orientation, and play out a life in a game world that reacts to each choice they make. Beginning shortly after finding their love about to marry another, players will be given numerous choices throughout this new phase of their life, and each choice they make will impact an ever-branching story that is designed to change with each playthrough.


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Batman: Arkham Knight gets new gameplay trailer, screenshots

The first gameplay trailer has been released from Batman: Arkham Knight. Titled Evening the Odds, the video features Scarecrow returning to Gotham City on a mission to unite Batman’s enemies and take the city. Gangs run wild in the streets, Batman takes to his Batmobile to crack some skulls, and a new villain makes their way into the series. At a little over two minutes, I’m pretty sure this is the fastest that Gotham’s gone to hell.


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