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Battle Princess of Arcadias to wage war on PSN this June

NIS has announced that they will be bringing the side-scrolling beat ‘em up Battle Princess of Arcadias to North America this summer. The PSN–exclusive action RPG will launch on June 17 for PS3 and feature “an extensive upgrade system” that will allow players to unlock new weapons, characters, skills, and abilities through combat. As Battle Princess Plume, who is undoubtedly as vicious as her name, players will recruit soldiers and destroy the hordes of monsters that have overrun the Kingdom of Schwert. Vae victis!


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Trilobyte turns to film, returns to crowdfunding for The 7th Guest 3

Trilobyte Games, one of the earlier pioneers of multimedia adventure gaming, has announced that they have signed an agreement with Angel Valley Media to license film and TV treatments of The 7th Guest. The studio has also launched a crowdfunding campaign on CrowdtiltOpen, which will divide funding and development goals into stages, to finance the third entry in The 7th Guest series, The Collector. The first stage, which will fund a playable beta for iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows PC, has currently received over a third of the necessary pledges.


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