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New screens from BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode Two

A bit of a peak today at the upcoming BioShock Infinite downloadable story add-on, Burial at Sea – Episode Two. Only three shots, but as it goes, something is better than nothing. The next episode is a direct follow-up to to Episode One and follows Elizabeth as she explores Rapture.


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Sacred 3 hitting console, PC on August 26, gameplay trailer released

Deep Silver has announced that their upcoming hack-and-slash RPG Sacred 3 will be launching on August 26 for 360, PC, and PS3. A new trailer also features some co-op action with a few of the available character classes. Free character and scenario DLC will be included as well, with the Malakhim class being added to the roster and the Underworld Story pitting players against their old Sacred 2 enemy the Black Seraphim.


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Wargame Red Dragon MP Beta Early Access launches for pre-orders

Wargame’s latest entry, Red Dragon, is now in Beta Early Access. Gamers who have or will pre-order before the game’s release next month will be able to immediately access multiplayer. Eugen plans on releasing new content regularly throughout the beta, including units, which will include warships and other naval craft, maps, and the dynamic campaign system. For those still playing AirLand Battle, Eugen is offering 25% off of Red Dragon when pre-ordering through Steam or the official site.


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