Sony debuts Project Morpheus VR headset for PS4 at GDC 2014

Project Morpheus (PS4) Announcement - Set

The Oculus Rift’s competition is getting stiffer with the announcement that Sony is entering the VR fray with a new headset, Project Morpheus. No release date was announced, but the headset will work alongside the PlayStation Camera to give PS4 gamers the feeling “as though they are physically inside the virtual world of a game.” Inertial sensors within the camera and headset will track head rotation so that the game world moves naturally with the player’s motions, and the set will also support the PS Move Motion Controller, with the headset projecting an object in place of the controller. The Morpheus will also use 3D audio technology to produce sounds on the same plane as well as above and below the player.

The Morpheus is currently available for hands-on time at Sony’s booth at GDC 2014 from March 19 through March 21. Demos include CCP’s EVE Valkyrie, Square Enix’s Thief, SCE’s The Castle and The Deep.

The Morpheus SDK is currently under development.

Project Morpheus (PS4) Announcement - Specs

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