Arkham series to end this year with Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady will be returning to the Batman: Arkham series for the storyline’s finale, Batman: Arkham Knight. Warner Bros. Interactive has announced that the conclusion will ship later this year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Series fans will have to face off against old foes as Scarecrow returns with a cohort of villainous allies, including Harley Quinn, Pengiun, and Two-Face. All of Gotham City will be a battleground next time around, and now gamers will have a chance to zip around the city in the Batmobile. A nearly four-minute trailer, Father to Son, was also released.

Batman: Arkham Knight is scheduled to launch later this year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Batman Arkham Knight (360, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One) Announcement - Box

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