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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 costume DLC pre-order bonus announced

Virtual webslingers who enjoy the fancier things in life will get to fill Peter Parker’s closet with new spider suits, for free, courtesy of GameStop’s Web Threads Suit Pack pre-order bonus. Gamers who purchase The Amazing Spider-Man 2 before April 29 will be able to access four additional costumes, all of which were available in previous Spidey titles: the red-and-gold Iron Suit, the blue-and-white Cosmic Suit, the Venom-styled Black Suit, and the 1940s-era Noir Suit. Each outfit will also bestow unique combat perks.


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Multiplayer, dynamic events coming to Edge of Space this week

The next update to Edge of Space will add multiplayer, according to developer Handyman Studios. Players will be able to link up and battle, gather resources, share gear, and alter bases together when patch goes live later this week. A training mode will also be added, which will explain the basics of both new and old mechanics, as well as dynamic events in the form of base invasions and boss battles. New screens were released showing some of the upcoming additions.


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(PC Review) Thief

“It’s a testament to the brilliance of Thief’s core gameplay that it’s able to be extremely entertaining despite the unbelievable litany of flaws, bugs, and flubs that otherwise plague its design.”


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