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New Demon Gaze combat screens, plus free Disgaea character DLC

Following the release last week of new character shots, NIS has sent out a new batch of screens showing the more violent side of dungeon-crawling. The latest media shows the combat system in action, including party members’ skills and some of the enemies. It was also announced that free post-launch DLC will be available for the first month after release, with players able to augment their party with new recruits from a Disgaea-themed character pack off PSN. Five characters are set to answer the call to arms: Etna, Flonne, Sicily, Asagi, and of course, an unlucky Prinny.


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Grim Dawn updated on Steam Early Access to include Act II

Crate Entertainment’s action-RPG Grim Dawn has been updated on Steam Early Access to include the second act, Old Arkovia. The addition features an estimated 10-plus hours of gameplay, which includes a host of new material: 10 enemy types, 23 bosses, 35 character levels, 106 items, and a region. Players must choose carefully in how to proceed in Act II, as there is now a greater emphasis on consequences and innocent lives will be caught between their party and a new enemy, the Four Hills gang.


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Kalypso opens beta registration for Tropico 5

El Presidente is calling upon his loving people to assist him by taking part in a beta for Tropico 5. Through his minions at Kalypso, he has proclaimed that registration is now open for fellow would-be despots to sign up for the program, which is set to kick off next month. Chosen applicants will get to try their hand at several of the new features being introduced in 5, including dynasties as well as co-op and versus online play.


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Bethesda announces QuakeCon 2014 pre-registration details

The first round of pre-registration for QuakeCon 2014 will begin on March 5. This year, the premium pre-registration stage will take place over four stages with four different packages. Details for all four rounds, including pricing ($50 to $175) and bonuses, are available below. The big event will once again take place in Dallas, TX, from July 17-July 20, and remains free for those that want to arrive day of and don’t mind waiting in line. However, per-registering is required for a guaranteed spot in the Bring Your Own Computer area this year.


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