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Deep Silver to release Sacred 3 this summer for consoles, PC

Digital adventurers will be able to delve once again into the wilds of the Sacred universe this summer with the release of Sacred 3. The latest installment will feature the same action-RPG gameplay as its predecessors, a cast of unique fighters, who each have access to their own skill trees, and a new character, Malakhim. All versions, console and PC, will also feature drop-in/drop-out co-op multiplayer for two players offline and up to four online.


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Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut in development for PS4, Xbox One

Born Read Games’ stylish sci-fi- and mech-themed action title Strike Suit Zero is heading to next-gen consoles in the form of a new Director’s Cut edition. The PS4 and Xbox One versions will include all of the downloadable content currently available for the PC release as well as updated models, an improved graphics engine, and the always-nebulous “more.”


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Wolfenstein: The New Order launching May, gets Doom beta bonus

Bethesda has announced that the seminal first-person shooter series Wolfenstein will return later this year. Wolfenstein: The New Order, currently in development at MachineGames, will launch on May 20 for consoles and PC. And in addition to a new trailer, it was also revealed that it will be bringing an old friend to the party: Doom. As a pre-order bonus for gamers who get in early for Wolfenstein, Bethesda will be sending out beta invites for the upcoming latest installment of Doom.


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