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Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark to bridge game, film universes

As has become franchise tradition, Activision will be releasing a Transformers game tie-in alongside the latest film, Age of Extinction. The newest game, Rise of the Dark Spark, will include over 40 playable characters from both film and Cybertron universes as each side battles to attain the Dark Spark. Rise of the Dark Spark will be set after the films as well as High Moon Studios’ War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron with a campaign that jumps between worlds and factions but features similar gameplay and modes as before, including Escalation. New additions include a revamped leveling system with persistent character development and an upgradeable defense system.


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Ryse: Son of Rome sale announced, Mars’ Chosen Pack DLC dated

Crytek is gearing up for Ryse: Son of Rome’s next downloadable multiplayer add-on, Mars’ Chosen Pack. Announced for a February 28 release, the new expansion will add five new maps, a new co-op mode, and a new skin. The new maps include Dockyard, Firestorm, Courtyard, Pyramid, and Obelisk. The first two maps are being added and the third optimized for the new Survival Mode, while the latter pair will bring the exotic wilds of Egypt to Arena Mode. The new skin will be a soldier-centric addition, dubbed the Legionary.


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