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Dracula returns in new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 screens, art

A bevy of new screenshots and concept art has been released from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 showcasing Dracula himself. Players will have to guide him through an unknown world after he awakes in modern times without his powers. After making a deal with Death, Dracula sets out to defeat Satan and once again become mortal. The new material shows some of the environments, monsters, and platforming puzzles Dracula must best as he makes his way to the final battle with the prince of darkness.


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Steam’s Early Access version of Blackguards now available for OS X

Daedalic has launched their upcoming role-playing game Blackguards on Steam’s Early Access for Mac. The first four chapters are now available for download, and new chapters will be added leading up to the game’s official release on January 24. As part of the program, gamers who participate are able to submit feedback to the developers regarding the areas open for play, which will enable them to make any necessary last-minute tweaks before launch.


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