New Quantum Break gameplay trailer details story, combat system

A new trailer has gone up for Alan Wake and Max Payne creator Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming Xbox One action title Quantum Break. The latest footage, revealed during the weekend at VGX 2013, features snippets of the game’s cover-based shooting and time-manipulating gameplay. Creative director Sam Lake also discusses how players will get to play as two heroes, Jack Joyce and Beth Wilder, in a time-bending battle against the villainous mogul Paul Serene.

For additional info on Remedy’s previous work, check out our reviews of Alan Wake, Alan Wake – The Signal, Alan Wake – The Writer, and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

Quantum Break is currently in development. No release date has been announced.

Quantum Break (Xbox One) Trailer Launch - Screenshot 1 Quantum Break (Xbox One) Trailer Launch - Screenshot 2 Quantum Break (Xbox One) Trailer Launch - Screenshot 3Official Site: – Quantum Break


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