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Modding Kit, more added to Might & Magic X – Legacy Early Access

Gamers who are part of Might & Magic X – Legacy’s Early Access program on Steam will be able to craft their own adventure today with the launch of the official Modding Kit. The included tools, which are part of the game’s second update, allow players to craft maps and mods as well as share their work and access other user-created content. A Maps & Mods tab will be added to the Open Development Blog later this year. An important note is that mapping and modding require Unity Pro, a popular software suite that is known for being beginner friendly and has a free 30-day trial but—and this is a big “but”—thereafter costs a hefty $1,500.


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Destiny beta to launch first for PS3 and PS4

To help kick off the launch of the PS4, Activision and Bungie have announced that the Destiny beta will be available first on PS3 and PS4. To gain access to the beta, players will need to pre-order the game from a participating retailer and enter the given nine-digit code at the official site. A note for those who pre-ordered before October 1: those who qualify have been automatically entered and will receive their code in an email from the retailer.


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Versus, co-op multiplayer showcased in new Dark Souls II screens

Namco Bandai has released new screenshots from FromSoftware’s upcoming action RPG, Dark Souls II. The latest crop of a dozen-plus shots show more of the mulitplayer action, both player-versus-player and co-op, that’s in store for those brave—and/or masochistic—enough to venture back into the Souls series.


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