Update 1.029 launches for Drox Operative

Drox Operartive (PC) Update Announcement Oct - Screenshot 1

Work continues on Soldak’s excellent space-based action-RPG Drox Operative, and now players can download the latest update: patch 1.029. Recent updates have continued to refine the base system as well as add support for controllers, and the latest patch follows suit. Some of the tweaks include trap damage increased by 50%, new warnings for mandatory quests, and Trade Pacts visible when race icons are highlighted. The full list of changes is available below, and the patch can be downloaded here.

For more information on Drox Operative, check out our review.

Here are all of the changes in the various patches.



• now handle dropping fragments of connect, connect response, and first server data much better
• now save fragments instead of dropping out of order fragments
• no longer send client data before getting first server data
• now limit first few frames data rate from server a little less (5000 instead of 2000)
• increased receive and send udp buffers from default to 100,000
• increased max fragment start offset from 16 to 24 bits
• now should handle packets that end exactly on the fragments size boundary better
• changing missing base in database stuff from a critical error to an error (getting random errors before version error)
• missile defense will now shoot at station missiles (Crusender) (IotA)
• marines can no longer board devices and space objects (IotA)
• now show Trade Pacts when highlighting race icons
• increased scavenge costs from 125.0 to 150.0 (IotA)
• increased trap damage by 50%
• doubled trap delay
• no longer show green + on classified components
• removed mandatory quest warning from prevent wins, must win types, and win timer Drox quests (IotA)
• changed greenlight button color (Steve)
• fixed Damage not being localized correctly (DarthNihilus)
• rewrote prevent legend win text a little (IotA)
• fixed difficulty localization in highlight text on Create New Sector button (DarthNihilus)
• added n_printMessageNames for debugging network stuff
• changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 28
Drox Operative (Mac, PC) Steam Greenlight Announcement - Screenshot 1 Drox Operative (Mac, PC) Beta Patch 1012 Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1 Drox Operative (PC) Beta 1010 Launch Announcement - Screenshot 3

Official Site: Soldak.com – Drox Operative

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