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Case Blue DLC now available for Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2 received its first Theater of War single-player and co-op content update, Case Blue. Available today on Steam, the mini-pack features a campaign based on a real German operation undertaken on the Eastern Front in 1942 that includes two new solo challenges, two new AI battles, and a new co-op scenario. Two free maps are also being released in a new patch to support the release of Case Blue: Rostov, a large-scale map for up to six players, and Kharkov, a smaller map with a focus on close-quarters fighting.


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Operation is a go! Armored Core: Verdict Day launches for 360, PS3

FromSoftware’s latest mecha action title Armored Core: Verdict Day is now available for 360 and PS3. In Verdict Day, players will find the world on the brink of collapse as a handful of factions fight over the remaining natural resources with giant weaponized robots. As a squad commander, they are able to enlist up to 20 members and join one of the factions to battle over territory and resources in a persistent multiplayer mode with friends or AI-controlled Armored Core units. Operator Mode also returns to allow for greater control, with its top-down tactical view offering players the ability to set rally points, mark targets, and receive intel from other soldiers on the field as they take and hold key areas.


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(PlayStation Vita Review) Killzone: Mercenary

“… a unique take on the series that gambles heavily on replayability over a prolonged story …”


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