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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies dated, new screens

Capcom has confirmed that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies will be launching online for 3DS on October 24. The download-only entry will be available on eShop for $29.99 and continue the legal adventures of famed digital attorney Phoenix Wright. Wright will be joined by fellow attorney Apollo Justice and associate attorney Athena Cykes, whose presence introduces new psychoanalysis elements to witness investigations. Players will once again investigate crime scenes, challenge witnesses, and present evidence in trial of what they’ve uncovered.



Grand Theft Auto V available for 360, PS3 (was said to empty chairs)

We were going to make a joke about something called Grand Theft Auto V coming out today, but judging by the lines at the stores, it seems most people are already preoccupied. But in case you haven’t been keeping tabs, Rockstar’s latest is now available for 360 and PS3. Three protagonists share the spotlight as they plan heists, accrue piles of riches, hang glide, play golf, fly jets, and generally terrorize Los Santos and Blaine County. The countdown has also begun for Grand Theft Auto Online, the game’s multiplayer component, which is set to go live on October 1.


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Square Enix resumes digital sales of Final Fantasy XIV

After halting digital sales of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn due to “unprecedented demand at launch,” Square Enix has announced that sales have now resumed. Since the suspension on August 28, the studio has increased the number of and “performed extensive maintenance” on the game servers. The improvements now allow for a greater number of players, as well as an increase in the maximum limit of users capable of playing at the same time per World.


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