Daily Archives: September 13, 2013

Terraria now available for Android

Terraria, the popular crafting-survival-RPG hybrid from Re-Logic, is now available for Android. Publisher 505 Games has announced that the latest version, developed by Codeglue, features several Android exclusives, including an Android robot companion, leaderboard support, and Facebook integration. And of course, all of the exploration, crafting, battling, and building returns. Android users can download the game for free to give it a spin or purchase the game unlock for $4.99.



The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition now available for PC

In recent years, PC gamers have had to look on as consoles received a slew of new fighters from Capcom, NetherRealm, and SNK Playmore. Lately, though, their patience has been paying off, first with a PC version of Mortal Kombat, and today with SNK’s The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition. The PC version features “massively improved netcode,” as well as new adjustable graphics options and the console release’s three DLC-only characters (Iori with the Power of Flames, Mr. Karate, and Nests-style Kyo).


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