Thunder debuted in new Killer Instinct c-c-c-ombo video

Killer Instinct’s most recent roster addition, Thunder, is the star in the latest combo video. The footage features his Awesome, Extreme, and Master Combos against the returning (and beefed-up) ninja Jago. Thunder is described as “a hard-hitting grappling character with powerful strikes, aggressive special moves and a devastating command grab.”

Killer Instinct is scheduled to launch this November for Xbox One. The game will be available as a free trial, which includes one free character, and in three different for-pay options. The first option allows gamers to purchase each additional character separately for $4.99 each, an eight-character package (six at launch and access to the other two before their regular release) in a Combo Breaker Pack for $19.99, or an all-in-one Ultra Edition pack for $39.99, which includes all eight characters, costumes, accessory packs, and the original Killer Instinct arcade game.

Killer Instinct (Xbox One) July Screens - Screenshot 1 Killer Instinct (Xbox One) July Screens - Screenshot 2 Killer Instinct (Xbox One) July Screens - Screenshot 3Official Site: – Killer Instinct

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