Skylanders Swap Force set to release this fall for 3DS

Skylanders Swap Force (3DS) Announcement - Header

Skylanders will be venturing out into handhelds again this fall with the launch of Skylanders Swap Force for 3DS. The n-Space-developed entry will feature a new story, new levels, and three new starter-pack characters (Free Ranger, Rattle Shake, Volcanic, and Eruptor). The story follows the attack on Boomtown, the hometown of Flynn, and the kidnap of Cali by a new villain, Count Monkeybone. Players must save the town and Cali from this new menace.

Gamers who pick up the console version of Swap Force will receive different starter characters, and with Swap Force allowing halves of figurines to be swapped out with one another, those who pick up both versions will have total of 16 combinations for their starters. The level cap has been increased from 15 to 20 as well, which allows returning fans to level their old favorites.

Skylanders Swap Force is scheduled to launch on October 13 for 3DS.

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