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Dying Light pre-order bonus announced, Be the Zombie mode

Warner Bros. announced at this year’s PAX that Techland’s upcoming zombie-themed action title Dying Light will come with a special pre-order bonus, Be the Zombie mode. The mode will allow players to take control of the undead in the game’s player-versus-player component at launch. As a bonus, gamers will get to control a special mutation known as the Night Hunter, which protects the zombie hive at night from human hunters with increased speed, a tendril for grappling, charge attacks, and long-distance attacks. Night hunters also have their own skill tree, as well as offer their own rewards and perks. New screens were also released.


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The Chaos Engine launches for Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows PC

The Bitmap Brothers’ classic top-down shooter The Chaos Engine returns today with a new version for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The latest incarnation is an updated version of the 1993 Amiga original and features four worlds, a roster of six mercenaries, a single-player campaign, online and local co-op modes, Enhanced and Classic modes, and Steam Achievements. This release was developed by Mastertronic and Abstraction Games, the studio behind the PS3 and PS Vita ports of Hotline Miami, along with one of the founding members of The Bitmap Brothers, Mike Montgomery.


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Metro: Last Light – Tower Pack to launch next week, screens released

Deep Silver announced that Tower Pack, the second of 4A Games’ planned four downloadable packs for Metro: Last Light, will launch on September 3. The 360, PC, and PS3 drop adds a new tower that houses a virtual combat simulator. Players who enter must battle their way up the booby-trapped tower against waves of increasingly difficult enemies.


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Skylanders Swap Force set to release this fall for 3DS

Skylanders will be venturing out into handhelds again this fall with the launch of Skylanders Swap Force for 3DS. The n-Space-developed entry will feature a new story, new levels, and three new starter-pack characters (Free Ranger, Rattle Shake, Volcanic, and Eruptor). The story follows the attack on Boomtown, the hometown of Flynn, and the kidnap of Cali by a new villain, Count Monkeybone. Players must save the town and Cali from this new menace.



Rockstar releases official trailer for Grand Theft Auto V

The official trailer has launched for Grand Theft Auto V ahead of its release next month. The minute-long video introduces players to the three protagonists—Franklin, Michael, and Trevor—as they pull off heists, skydive, get into shootouts, outrun the police, and retaliate with jets. Things seem to be getting rough in Los Santos.


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(Xbox 360 Review) Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches

“The promise made to players in The Knife of Dunwall is made good here … ”


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