Sony announces November launch for PS4, new DualShock 4 colors

PlayStation 4 (System) E3 2013 Announcement - System 2

Sony announced today at this year’s Gamescom that the PS4 will launch on November 15, and that the system will have 15 disc-based titles and 18 download-only releases available before the end of the year. It was also announced that all systems will have Playroom, an AR-augmented mini-game collection that supports motion control and the PS Camera, pre-installed. Several publishers, including Activision and Ubisoft, will also be offering discounts to gamers for the PSN downloadable versions of PS4 titles that they have already purchased for PS3. The offer will be good for a limited time, but additional details, including the amount of the discount, were not made public.

It was revealed that there are over 180 PS4 titles currently in development, and that around 120 additional developers have signed on to develop for the platform since June.

And finally, for those wanting a bit more color with their setup, the $59.99 DualShock 4 will launch alongside the PS4 in two new colors: Magma Red and Wave Blue.

PlayStation 4 (System) Gamescom Launch Window Announcement - List

Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4) E3 Announcement - Screenshot 1

Killzone: Shadow Fall (PS4)

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