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Thief trailer and box art released, dated for February 25

Eidos Montreal’s upcoming Thief reboot will be launching on February 25 for PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox One, according to publisher Square Enix. A new trailer has been released as well, focusing on the game’s new theme of class warfare, with Baron Northcrest and his aristocratic allies set to face off against Orion, a populist leader. Garrett must now make his way through an alert, divided city that’s on the verge of war.


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Tropico 4 – Propaganda pack now available for 360 and PC

El Presidente treats his loyal subjects well, and today he is giving them the most precious gift of all: more time with him. One of his many holdings, Kalypso Media, has released the new Propaganda DLC pack for Tropico 4. As a participant in the International Communist Propaganda competition, players will assist the president in completing the new Propaganda Competition mission by utilizing the new Propaganda Tower to suppress protests and convert citizens as well as by calling upon the PR Specialist trait to brainwash the masses. And of course, a new outfit is included, the Party Leader, to dazzle the competition.


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The Chaos Engine returning to PC on August 29

An updated version of The Bitmap Brothers’ hit 1990’s top-down shooter The Chaos Engine will be coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC on August 29. Mastertronic and Abstraction Games, the studio behind the Hotline Miami PS3 and PS Vita ports, worked in consultation with one of the founding members of The Bitmap Brothers, Mike Montgomery, to rebuild the game from the ground up. The new version will feature four worlds, a single-player campaign, online and local multiplayer modes, Enhanced and Classic modes, and Steam Achievements.


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(PC Review) Syberia

“… high-quality title that tells a great story while immersing you in one of the most interesting and intelligent environments seen in recent years.”


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