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Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons launches on Live Marketplace for 360

505 Games has kicked off Xbox Live Summer of Arcade 2013 with Starbreeze Studios’ latest adventure title, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons. Scheduled to launch later this month for PC and next for PS3, the 1200 MS Point release follows two brothers who set out on a (co-op) journey to save their dying father.


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Dead Island branches out with free-to-play Dead Island: Epidemic

Deep Silver is taking the Dead Island series down the free-to-play route with a new online-only title, Dead Island: Epidemic. Dubbed a ZOMBA (Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena), Epidemic will be a PC-only release featuring many of the elements the series is known for as three teams face off against one another. More about Epidemic, and what else is in store for the future of the series, will be revealed at gamescom 2013.


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