Daily Archives: July 29, 2013

CastleStorm launches for PC, From Outcast to Savior DLC announced

Zen Studios’ tower defense-brawler hybrid CastleStorm is now available on Steam. Already available for 360, CastleStorm allows players to design and build their own castle using an in-game editor, and then manage its garrison to battle back invaders. A new DLC pack, From Outcast to Savior, was also announced and will be available for 360 and PC on July 31 for 240 MS Points/$2.99. The add-on will include the Royal Guard faction, new environments, new weapons, a new Hero, 20 new battles, and new levels for Skirmish and Survival.


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Jets, muscle cars, and more in new Grand Theft Auto V screens

Rockstar has released 11 new screenshots from Grand Theft Auto V. Trevor runs from the police on a quad, Michael kicks back (and sticks someone up), and Franklin wonders how he got mixed up with the other two—a normal day in Los Santos.


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