Drox Operative updated, controller support added and improved

Drox Operative (PC) Beta Patch 1.016 Announcement - Screenshot 1

Two new patches have gone live for space-based action-RPG Drox Operative. The latest official update, 1.015, adds controller support, while the newest beta patch, 1.016, includes a number of additional tweaks. Details for both 1.015 and 1.016 are available below. Some of the beta patch’s changes include the ability for planets to build and transfer ships to other planets, new ancient race dialog, and various fixes for icons and text. The new update also addresses some controller-related issues.

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• now stop controller rumble if paused
• fixed controller rumble when turning off screen shake (Castruccio)
• now reducing power load and increasing durability are toggles instead of one time things
• decreased durability mult modifier per level from 0.0333 to 0.02
• increased difficulty of higher difficulty levels
• increased difficulty of higher difficulty levels even more in expansion (IotA)
• now show and enforce level of chips so you don’t accidentally create a component that you can no longer use (IotA)
• fixed sensor overlord range confusion and price (Tuidjy)
• now defenders of destroyed planets don’t disappear immediately (unless last planet) (Draciel)
• fixed demands from players (Foxstab/homyak555)
• changed max number of sounds on OSX to 64 which fixes AL_INVALID_OPERATION errors when lots of sounds are being played
• each race should no longer send more than 1 bounty hunter after the player(s) at a time
• fixed uses less energy modifiers getting put on cloaking devices (Tuidjy) (IotA)
• freeze weapons that don’t do damage should no longer get damage bonuses (Tuidjy) (IotA)
• special weapons should no longer get damage bonuses (Cardinal Ape) (IotA)
• stasis field and gravity well generator now have value
• increased damage control effectiveness by 60%
• changed chips to use computer model in space (Valgor) (IotA)
• added Scavenger Operative achievement (Valgor) (IotA)
• added a controller rumble option (Castruccio)
• now reset joystick option resets mouse move and enable options also (Castruccio)
• added a message when resurrect race quest goes wrong (Tuidjy) (IotA)
• no longer add race name to Resurrect Race quest announcement (IotA)
• now Ascarid and Peacekeeper missiles have effect/sound when they change (IotA)
added more Ancients dialog (IotA)
• fixed some of the ancient races using the wrong description (Tuidjy) (IotA)
• now dpad names should show up on use slots (Castuccio)
• minor improvements to the UI
• added some more scavenger dialog (IotA)
• rewrote bare bones description a little (Valgor) (IotA)
• changed “ship corpses” to “ship wrecks” in scavenger description (Valgor) (IotA)
• fixed structure/armor plating % issue on mechanic bonus skill (Evan)
• fixed human demand text
• fixed a Drox capitalize issue in the Hezog race description. (ScrObot) (IotA)
• fixed some Hezog misspellings (Tuidjy) (IotA)

• can now pay Scavengers to scavenge a specific component type for you (partial custom order) (IotA)
• fixed a crash when dying from grey goo and having an escape pod (CaptainWinky)
• now planets can build a ship to transfer to another planet
• active engine components now have value (Tuidjy)
• decreased monster station min level from 15 to 5 (IotA)
• race ships now get bonuses in higher difficulties
• fixed Karma quests being hidden after announcing (Tuidjy) (IotA)
• fixed a problem with rebel ships not being neutral
• fixed attack bonus on stealth components (Tuidjy)
• made ancient race ships tougher (Tuidjy) (IotA)
• fixed scavengers using wrong model for derelict ships (Valgor) (IotA)
• added bare bones and no life to Options Key (Valgor) (IotA)
• fixed scavenger rebel icon (IotA)
• added some text to marine description about 3 to 5 times more loot (IotA)
• changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 19
• increased monster station quests a little (IotA)
• changed ui_compareItemPriceForBetterThan to default to off
• split bonus skills out into individual skills (Valgor)
• rescue quests now get labelled currently as ship destroyed when ship that needs rescuing is destroyed (Roswitha)
• added ui_eventTextAlpha so that event text can be made more translucent (only available from console) (ScrObot)
• added more ancient race dialog (IotA)
• ancient freighters, cruise liners, and colony ships now use different models (Tuidjy) (IotA)
• using a consumable directly on a race ship now counts as a donation relation wise (Tuidjy)
• rewrote the Ascarid description a little (Valgor) (IotA)

Drox Operative (PC) Beta Patch 1.016 Announcement - Screenshot 2 Drox Operative (PC) Beta Patch 1.016 Announcement - Screenshot 3 Drox Operative (PC) Beta Patch 1.016 Announcement - Screenshot 4

Official Site: Soldak.com – Drox Operative

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