Beta patch 1.012 released for Drox Operative

Drox Operative (Mac, PC) Beta Patch 1012 Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

A new beta patch has launched for Soldak’s space-based action-RPG Drox Operative. The 1.012 beta patch features a significant number of tweaks. A few of the adjustments include races paying less for players to break treaties, ancients and bounty hunters dropping better loot, races at war with the player refusing to sell jump gate activations, and lesser-habitable planets being more difficult for races to colonize. Over two dozen of the changes have been listed below, and the full patch notes can be found here.

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Drox Operative is available for Mac and Windows PC.

• now races remember 3rd party peace and war treaties for 20 minutes – can’t get same treaty again during this time and they will get angry at you if you go against the agreement (Nelway)
• races now pay Operatives less to declare war on someone
• races that you are at war with will no longer sell you jump gate activations
• now races will pay less for player to break treaties
• now cancelling a treaty with a race permanent increases their natural hate for the cancelling race or Operative
• fixed a potential crash in PlayerCovenantClient::tradeRequestExpired and PlayerCovenantClient::ignoreTradeOffer
• ancients now drop better loot
• doubled search for enemy prices
• now print a message when a race is paid to declare war on another race
• now can see systems that have allies on sector map even if you haven’t been there
• no longer get the benefit of being able to see systems with a quest from an enemy
• can no longer get paid to go to war when you’re in a ceasefire (Amelie)
• increased ceasefire price by 50%
• race natural hate always applies to Operatives now (was spared if they were already in a war)
• decreased ResistanceReasonablePerLevel from 6.0 to 4.0 (makes resistances more powerful)
• changed GuardedPlanetDamageMult from 0.5 to 0.25 (harder to destroy guarded planets)
• bounty hunters now drop better loot
• now a race that captures a planet gets some of the conquered race’s credits
• increased chances of zombies spreading from 0.2 to 0.3
• fixed a problem indirect peace treaties not working
• can no longer sell fighter tech to races (they don’t use it)
• searching for a good no longer tells you about goods that are too low level
• radar stat on components now has a value
• changed paid to break treaty to always see (not just if against player)
• added race name to most quest announcements
• now on quest list from stars show which ones have and don’t have (different colored *)
• now show level of tech when trading
• changed race level print to tech level (Delilah)

Drox Operative (Mac, PC) Beta Patch 1012 Launch Announcement - Screenshot 2 Drox Operative (Mac, PC) Beta Patch 1012 Launch Announcement - Screenshot 3

Official Site: – Drox Operative Patches

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