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New Xbox One policies: used games supported, no daily check-in

Microsoft has revealed a number of changes to their previously announced policies in regards to Xbox One. The full statement, available below, addresses a number of issues brought up since the console’s official unveiling. Policy changes include support for used games, as there will no longer be any limitations on trading, sharing, or selling purchased titles; the system will not be region locked; and there will no longer be a daily online check-in system but a one-time activation that will take place during the initial system setup. Downloaded games, however, cannot be shared or resold, though no specific reason was given as to why it is no longer an option, and discs will need to be in the console in order for gamers to play retail copies.


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The ID says “Action”, must be Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Dennaton Games is set to follow up last year’s surreal action title Hotline Miami later this year with Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, according to publisher Devolver Digital. The sequel will feature several factions formed from the events of the original. Players will take control of different characters from each group and arm themselves with new weapons in an explosion of mayhem that will see the storylines converge into a big bloody mess.


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