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Insomniac Games’ co-op shooter Fuse launches for 360, PS3

Fuse, Insomniac Games’ co-op-centric third-person shooter, is now available in stores for consoles and online for PC. The Ratchet & Clank developer’s multiplatform debut features four playable operatives that can be controlled by friends, online or locally via splitscreen, or in turn solo by using the Leap mechanic. Each character has their own skillset and weapons, which players use to take down the rogue paramilitary force known as Raven. Upgradeable alien weapons are also available and powered through the use of Fuse.


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Techland details Hellraid, releases new screenshots

Techland has released a number of details regarding their upcoming first-person hack-and-slasher Hellraid. The info comes in the form of a question-and-answer session, with the developer addressing character and item customization, the role of the Game Master, and the differences between single-player and co-op play. Of particular note is the Game Master, players who acts as a sort of Dungeon Master, selecting challenges, altering enemy placement, and doling out loot. New screens were also revealed.


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Rayman Legends announced for PS Vita, dated for September 3

Ubisoft has announced that a PS Vita version of Rayman Legends is in development and will launch alongside the console versions on September 3. The handheld release will include all of the original content and several extras: five exclusive maps, Murphy as a playable character on the new maps, and two Ubisoft-themed costumes (Prince of Persia for Rayman and Splinter Cell for Globox). Multiplayer will support co-op play within the same country via Wi-Fi.


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Endless Space: Disharmony launching this summer

Iceberg Interactive has announced the first for-pay downloadable pack for Free Space, Disharmony. The $9.99 drop, scheduled to launch on Steam this summer, will introduce a new faction known as The Harmony, as well as new craft (fighters and bombers), new battle formations, a new targeting system, a redesigned weapon system, four new heroes, improved AI, and more. The full list of additions and changes is available below.


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(PlayStation 3 Review) Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut

“Access Games has managed to create a unique title that is at once silly, bad, great, funny, surreal, ridiculous, and most importantly, memorable.”


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