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Anomaly 2 now available on Steam, Anomaly Korea for PC launches

Anomaly 2, 11 bit studios’ latest entry in the burgeoning tower-offense genre, is now available on Steam. The sequel to last year’s Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Anomaly 2 features a new single-player campaign that finds the commander on a mission to take back an infested, frozen Earth and a new multiplayer mode that mixes tower offense and defense. Early buyers will be able to snag it for $13.49 for the first week, and if the game is purchased from the official site, 11 bit will throw in Anomaly Korea as well.


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Two more powers revealed in new Dark gameplayer trailer

Kalypso has released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming hybrid stealth-action title Dark. The footage showcases two of the powers that newly turned vampire Eric Bane will be able to utilize in his battle against the Geogorge conglomerate: hypnosis and regeneration.


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