Fuse demo now on Live and PSN, trailer released

A new demo has launched for EA and Insomniac Games’ latest shooter, Fuse. The demo allows players to try the co-op-centric third-person shooter with up to two players locally via split-screen and four players online as four uniquely skilled operatives: Dalton Brooks, Izzy Sinclair, Jacob Kimble, and Naya Deveraux. The goal is to prevent the rogue military group Raven from using the dangerous alien energy known as Fuse. Set around the game’s halfway mark, the demo allows players to level up the characters and their Xenotech weapons as they make their way through Raven’s base in the Karakoram Mountains.

Fuse marks Insomniac’s debut as a multiplatform developer, and will be available for both 360 and PS3 when it launches on May 28.

Fuse is a co-op action game that allows both co-op and solo players to experience the unique attributes of each operative by using the game’s unique Leap feature. Players can use Leap to switch between the four Overstrike operatives at-will during combat. Each of the four characters is equipped with unique skills and weapons that are not only necessary for survival, but also create unexpected and extraordinary results. Powered by Fuse, the Xenotech weapons give players unique capabilities to expand their strategic options in combat. Through lethal teamwork, players can combine their weapons for unique kills to earn Fuse points for powerful upgrades. Players can also play online or offline and level up along unique character paths, unlocking more powerful Fuse-driven abilities as the game progresses. In addition, the game’s progression system is unified between the campaign and wave-based Echelon mode, allowing players to continue improving their operatives regardless of how they play.

Fuse (360, PS3) Demo Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1 Fuse (360, PS3) Demo Launch Announcement - Screenshot 2 Fuse (360, PS3) Demo Launch Announcement - Screenshot 3 Fuse (360, PS3) Demo Launch Announcement - Screenshot 4 Fuse (360, PS3) Demo Launch Announcement - Screenshot 5 Fuse (360, PS3) Demo Launch Announcement - Screenshot 7

Official Site: FuseGame.com

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