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Beta patch 1.010 deployed for Drox Operative

A new beta patch has launched for Drox Operative. Soldak’s space-based action-RPG can now be updated to version 1.010, with some of the new changes including the ability to customize the backspace key, damage being doubled when enemies are within radar range, increased carrying capacity for Hive, and more. The full details are available below.


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NIS releases new batch of screenshots from Time and Eternity

NIS has released some new screens from Imageepoch’s Time and Eternity. The hand-drawn role-playing game, set to launch this summer, tasks players with going back in time to stop their fiance’s murder. After being attacked on her wedding day, the bride’s aggressive alter ego appears and joins in the fight to ensure that her history doesn’t repeat itself. The latest shots show some more of the combat, a little character interaction, and world navigation.


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(PC Review) Zeno Clash II

“… a diamond in the rough …”


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