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Dontnod’s Jean Maxime-Moris discusses Remember Me in new video

Dontnod Entertainment’s creative director, Jean Maxime-Moris, dives into the theme of memory and memory manipulation in a new six-minute video about the studio’s upcoming game Remember Me. The title features a memory hunter trying to regain her own stolen memories, and the video details how altering memories impacts gameplay.


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Dark system requirements, screenshots released

Kalypso has released some new screens, and the PC system requirements, for their upcoming third-person action title Dark. As vampire Eric Bane, players will explore a cyberpunk-themed world and experiment with myriad vampiric powers and stealth-based mechanics. A few extra shots have been thrown in for good measure.


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Might & Magic Heroes VI Shades of Darkness now on UPlay, Steam

The new standalone expansion for Might & Magic Heroes VI, Shades of Darkness, has launched for PC. The download-only release is available on Ubisoft’s UPlay store and Steam. Shades of Darkness brings back Raelag, introduced in Heroes V, and the Dungeon faction. The two included campaigns, set centuries after Heroes VI, follow The Dark Elves and the Necromancers. Raelag must unify the Dark Elves before they descend into civil war, and the vampire Vein needs to find a cure for the Necromancers’ queen before she dies from a magical disease. A new portal has launched online to coincide with the release, offering additional insight into the history, mythology, and characters of the universe.


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