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Prepare the drop pods! Dust 514 launching next month for PS3

Dust 514 (PS3) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 1

?CCP Games’ upcoming massively multiplayer shooter Dust 514 is nearing completion and will be going live on May 14. The developer announced that the free-to-play PS3 exclusive will be fully integrated with New Eden, the universe of Eve Online, when it launches on PSN. As console gamers pound the ground to complete objectives and whittle away their rivals’ numbers, Eve Online players will be orbiting above, dealing with the consequences of each battle in the shared persistent universe. PC gamers will be able to lend their support in the form of helping with coordination and bombarding targets.


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Pre-order Diablo III for PS3, receive XP boost with the Infernal Helm

Diablo 3 (Mac, PC, PS3) PS3 Preorder Announcement - Screenshot 1

Console owners are getting ever closer to trying Diablo III for themselves, and to help entice the curious, Blizzard has announced a new pre-order bonus. Select retailers are offering an exclusive in-game item for those who order Diablo III before its release later this year, the Infernal Helm. The enhanced helm will grant an experience boost to the wearer, helping them to topple the demonic hordes even faster.


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Techland developing new action title Hellraid for consoles, PC

Hellraid (360, PC, PS3) Announcement - Screenshot 1

Techland, the studio behind Dead Island and Call of Juarez, is working on a new hack-and-slash action title that features solo and co-op play, Hellraid. The single-player campaign is centered on a story-drive campaign, while co-op play allows up to four players to battle enemies and one another for points and loot. Players can look forward to a mixed combat system that features magic, melee, and ranged attacks, as well as to customizing gear, crafting weapons, guiding character skills, and jostling for position on leaderboards.


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Watch_Dogs to launch in November, gameplay trailer released

Ubisoft has revealed that their upcoming open-world action title Watch_Dogs will be released on November 19 for 360, PC, PS3, and Wii U. The PS4 version will be available at the system’s launch, and versions for other next-gen consoles are also planned. To kick off the announcement, a new gameplay trailer has been released that features protagonist Aiden Pearce in a heretofore unseen district of Chicago. Lastly, the studio also revealed a poster, posted below, with art from Alex Ross that is being given away as a pre-order bonus.


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