Daily Archives: April 26, 2013

Wii U system update now available, load times reduced and more

The Wii U’s highly anticipated system update has finally launched. The download, detailed below, “lays the groundwork” for the impending Wii U Virtual Console service, allows for background downloading, and more importantly, reduces load times.


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Painkiller Hell & Damnation – Full Metal Rocket DLC now on Steam

Painkiller Hell & Damnation continues its sojourn into hell today with the release of its fourth DLC pack. Now available on Steam, the Full Metal Rocket DLC pack includes several additions to multiplayer. There is a new map, Prison, along with three older maps updated to HD, along with two new skins (SS Zombie and Leper), a new weapon (Mine), two new enemies (Executioner and Beast), and Survival mode, complete with leaderboard support.


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Resident Evil Revelations demo coming soon, dev diary launches

A demo for the enhanced re-release of Resident Evil Revelations will be available shortly, according to Capcom. The demo, which will launch on eShop, Live, PSN, and Steam, will feature Jill Valentine on a breach-and-rescue mission aboard the Queen Zenobia. Players will have to battle mutants and navigate the labyrinthine ship as they track down Jessica Sherawat and Chris Redfield. The first in a new weekly series of video developer diaries also launched today, with the inaugural episode focusing on the design team’s inspirations.


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Deadpool to be joined by Mister Sinister and Psylocke

Some more news from Deadpool HQ. Activision has released new promo shots of two of the non-psychotic, mouthless characters that will be making an appearance in High Moon Studio’s upcoming action title. The latest announcement reveals that Deadpool will be coming face to face with the appropriately named Mister Sinister and X-Men member (among other crews) Psylocke.


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The battle for the red planet begins – Mars War Logs launches for PC

Surprise! Mars War Logs, Spiders Studio’s latest cyberpunk-styled role-playing game, has launched on Steam. Set during a Martian civil war, players navigate the chaos as Roy, an everyman who must work his way through the warring parties as they battle for the remaining sources of water. Mars War Logs features branching dialog, a crafting system, real-time combat, an evolving quest, and a three-section skill tree. For more info, check out the combat trailer and the general overview trailer.


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