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Project X Zone launching in June, LE announced, new media released

The upcoming crossover strategy role-playing game from Namco Bandai, Project X Zone, will be hitting store shelves on June 25. The coloration features over 50 characters from Capcom, Namco Bandai, and Sega franchises, including Street Fighter, Tekken, and Valkyria Chronicles, trying to seal a rift that’s merging their universes. Namco Bandai also announced that launch copies will be Limited Edition releases with a free mini-art book and soundtrack.



Ridge Racer goes free to play with Ridge Racer Driftopia for PC, PS3

A new downloadable free-to-play entry in the Ridge Racer series was announced today by Namco Bandai, Ridge Racer Driftopia. Not much else was revealed, other than that Bugbear Entertainment, developer of last year’s Ridge Racer Unbounded, is heading up development and that the focus will be on “the series’ irresistible signature drifting”.


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Ubisoft acquires Anno developer Related Designs

Germany-based Related Designs, developers of the Anno series and No Man’s Land, has been acquired by Ubisoft. The publisher announced today that they have purchased 70.05 percent of the Anno 2070 developer in a cash transaction, up from their previous stake of 29.95. According to the announcement, Related Designs will continue to develop the browser-based free-to-play Might & Magic Heroes Online, and going forward will work with fellow Ubisoft studio Blue Byte.


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Dishonored – The Knife of Dunwall DLC gameplay trailer released

A new trailer has launched for Dishonored’s upcoming second DLC pack, The Knife of Dunwall. The two-minute-long video begins with the events at the beginning of Dishonored, and then follows Daud, the Empress’s killer, in his quest for revenge. Daud will visit new districts and wreak havoc with his band of mercenaries, the Whalers, as well as gain access to new weapons, items, and abilities.


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Tales of Xillia Collector’s Edition announced, new screens released

Namco Bandai has revealed that they will be releasing a Collector’s Edition of Tales of Xillia. The $99.99 premium set will be available alongside the standard version on August 6, and include an art book, a figurine of Milla Maxwell, and a soundtrack with a handful of selected tracks. Seven new screenshots were also released, and have been posted below.


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Revisiting … System Shock 2

” … System Shock 2 remains a fascinating piece of gaming history, a master class in atmosphere, and a damn fine game in its own right.”