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Sniper Elite V2 – St. Pierre DLC now available for 360 and PS3

Some more Sniper Elite V2 news this week. Following the announcement of a Wii U port, 505 has sent word that new DLC has been released for 360 and PS3. The St. Pierre DLC drop features a new side mission that sees our resilient sniper making his way to the western front to head off a counterattack led by General Rodebrecht. Fearing that Rodebrecht will turn the tide of the war, SHAEF sends word that he is to be eliminated and his service book retrieved as proof. Included in the pack is a new map, which includes St. Pierre village and the surrounding countryside, as well as two new weapons, the Lee Enfield No. 3 and the M1D Garand.


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Civ V lead designer Kickstarting new title, Jon Shafer’s At the Gates

Jon Shafer, former Stardocker and lead designer of Firaxis’ Sid Meier’s Civilization V, has launched Confider Games and kicked off a new Kickstart campaign. The campaign is for the in-development turn-based strategy title Jon Shafer’s At the Gates. At the Gates will put players in the role of a barbarian warlord in a world short on resources and sandwiched between the great powers of late antiquity, the western and eastern halves of the Roman empire. Players will have to adjust to changes in the climate and landscape, deal with their friends, and raid their enemies as they attempt to spread their rule over the land.


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