Soldak releases beta patch 1.001 for Drox Operative

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Soldak has sent word that they’ve launched beta patch 1.001 for their space-based action-RPG Drox Operative. The update includes a number of fixes and tweaks, some of the more interesting include the AI’s new ability to resell purchased items at a later date for a profit, a new indicator displaying the probability of a successful attempt at subterfuge (espionage, sabotage, etc.), and a marker for quicker identification of superior equipment. The full patch notes can be found below (and here), and the download is available here.

For more information on Drox Operative, check out our review.

This patch makes selling components to a race improve their economy, improves component spawning, makes thrust boosts much better, and fixes a bunch of minor issues.

• now components that are sold to races are eventually resold somewhere else (short term they still require credits to buy from players, but in long run selling components to them makes them money)
• fixed overlords appearing in dimensional pockets
• changed how components/modifiers are added to tables, should tighten the spawn ranges especially with rare components
• Thrust Boost consumables can now take you over the normal max speed
• can now utilize multiple fighter bays of the same type
• decreased bounty hunter damage mult from 3.0 to 2.0
• crew is now only considered better than based on credits value
• can no longer swap fighter bays in and out to get more fighter launched
• now espionage, propaganda, sabotage, and rumors show chance of working
• fixed a case when a planet would tell you a quest was available when not true (Steve)
• now show green + on your components and NPC ships that are better than what you have equipped (either main stat or price)
• fixed moving skills from right click bar to normal skill bar (Valgor)
• fixed credits alignment on wandering vendors (Valgor)
• fixed non-repeating components like cloaking devices having issues in right click slot (Moonshine Fox)
• changed more population loss messages from an absolute number to a percent (Roswitha)
• fixed a missing white light
• fixed PreventsMovement translation (Roswitha)
• fixed Direct Hit spelling in manual (canthor)
• fixed a spacing issue on one of the Shadow dialogs (Roswitha)
• fixed Strange Matter text (Valgor)
• fixed missing word in Overlord description (Valgor)
• improved the power rankings highlight text (Valgor)

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Official Site: – Drox Operative

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