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Hitman HD: Trilogy limited edition, art contest announced

Square Enix has announced that IO Interactive’s upcoming Hitman collection, Hitman HD: Trilogy, will be available as a limited edition. Trilogy, set to launch on January 29, will come with an art book filled with 22 drawings by various artists depicting moments from throughout the series. Combined, all three games in the pack will offer players the chance to take down over 75 targets across 40-plus levels. Hitman: Sniper Challenge, the standalone game that was released as a pre-order bonus for Absolution, will also be included.


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Cyberpunk 2077 lore detailed, CG teaser trailer released

CD Projekt RED has released some background info and a new CG teaser for their upcoming open-world, sci-fi-themed role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077. The trailer shows what happens when people go too far with their fancy cybermodifications and turn into a psycho, a situation which requires the delicate touch of the Night City police’s Psycho Squad.


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Tomb Raider Limited Edition wireless controller announced

Tomb Raider fans looking to go whole hog for the upcoming reboot will soon be able to grab a limited edition controller for 360. The wireless controller, revealed at CES 2013, was developed in collaboration with artists from Crystal Dynamics and is based around Lara’s climbing axe and tourniquets. As with the limited edition all-silver controller, the Tomb Raider version will also feature an adjustable directional pad that alternates between the plus design and more traditional disc pattern. Each unit will also come with a download token for the exclusive playable character Scavenger Archer.


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