GOG.com’s massive holiday sale ending soon

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Final call: GOG.com’s incredible holiday sale—up to 75% off 125-plus games—ends today. If you haven’t emptied your wishlist yet, you have about 20 hours left to do so. Over the holiday period, GOG also announced that they added expansion packs for several games, including Alpha Centauri, Wing Commander 1 & 2 bundle, Wing Commander: Privateer, and Might and Magic 6-Pack. This is especially great news for Alpha Centauri fans as Alien Crossfire has long crossed the $70 mark on auction sites.

If you’re looking for recommendations, then check out some of the titles we’ve picked up:

–         Age of Wonder: Shadow Magic ($4.99)
–         Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura ($2.99)
–         Cannon Fodder ($2.99)
–         Crusader: No Regret ($2.99)
–         Crusader: No Remorse ($2.99)
–         Fragile Alliance ($2.99)
–         Independence War Deluxe Edition ($2.99)
–         Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos ($2.99)
–         The Guild Gold Edition ($4.99)
–         The Last Express ($2.99)

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Crusader: No Remorse (PC)

Official Site: GOG.com

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