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DmC Devil May Cry demo now available on Live Marketplace, PSN

A new demo has launched on Live and PSN for Capcom and Ninja Theory’s DmC Devil May Cry. The demo features two levels, a boss fight with a Succubus, an unlockable difficulty level (Son of Sparda), and access to several weapons, including the Rebellion, Arbiter, and Osiris.


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Agent 47 is back on the hunt, Hitman: Absolution on store shelves

Hitman: Absolution (360, PS3) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

It’s not easy being an assassin, even a very good assassin. Agent 47 has found that out the hard way, and now players can help him get back at those who double crossed him in Hitman: Absolution. Wanted by the police and finding himself in the middle of a conspiracy, Agent 47 must use whatever disguises and weapons he has at his disposal to see his mission through. Apparently, that barcode tattoo isn’t nearly as telling a sign as I had assumed.


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