Double Fine opens Amnesia Fortnight up to the public

Double Fine is opening up their annual prototyping event, Amnesia Fortnight, to the public. Traditionally, the studio would divide into smaller teams, with each team’s leader selected by Tim Schafer, who then spend the next two weeks creating prototypes. For this year’s event, all 23 potential Project Leaders will pitch their ideas to the public at the Humble Bundle website, who will get to vote which four projects move forward. After the two weeks are up, the prototypes will be available from the Humble Bundle website. 2 Player Productions will also be on hand to film the teams as they bring the ideas to life.

The Humble Bundles will also include two bonuses. In addition to the new prototypes, early versions of Costume Quest and Happy Song (what would become Once Upon a Monster) will be added to the pack.

Double Fine Fortnight Event Announcement - Header

Official Site: – Double Fine

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