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Dust 514 gets Codex update, new screens, and Skill Point event

Dust 514 (PS3) Codex Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

CCP’s massively multiplayer action title Dust 514 gets one step closer to final launch with the release of the latest update, Codex. The newest additions include Corporations, the guild-styled squad system also found in Eve Online, female avatars, new weapons, the Skill system, and more environments. Current players can get the most out of the newly implemented Skills by earning double points from now until November 8.


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New video details Hitman: Absolution’s dynamic world

Square Enix has released “Introducing the Living, Breathing World of Hitman: Absolution,” a new video demonstrating the interconnected world that awaits players in IO Interactive’s upcoming action title. Absolution will feature a more involved world than previous entries, populated with characters, both those crucial to the story and those simply living in the cities, going about their everyday life. The capabilities of IO’s Glacier 2 engine, the new tech powering the series, is also highlighted.


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