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Resident Evil 6 now available for 360, PS3

Resident Evil 6 (360, PC, PS3) 360 Demo Launch Announcement - Screenshot 3

Infected … undead … at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that there are enough rounds in the chamber. And with Resident Evil 6, you will need plenty of ammo. Available today for 360 and PS3, the interwoven storyline of the series’ sixth major entry features four different campaigns spread throughout North America, China, and Eastern Europe that follow seven characters as they battle a new outbreak of the C-virus. Oh, and apparently there are massive translucent snakes. Be sure to watch out for those.


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Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection in stores, online

As Command & Conquer turns 17—has it been that long already? I remember PC Gamer teasing a review of the original—EA is celebrating with the release of a new collection compilation, The Ultimate Collection. The $49.99 17-game set includes the base games, sequels, and expansions for the original Command & Conquer line, Red Alert, Renegade, and Generals. All titles have been updated for Windows 7 and Vista.


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King Corobo returns, New Little King’s Story launches for PS Vita

New Little King's Story (PS Vita) Comic-Con 2012 Screens - Screenshot 1

Heralds from the Kingdom of Konamia have arrived with news that New Little King’s Story is now available for PS Vita. The role-playing and kingdom-building-sim hybrid has launched on PSN, bringing a new adventure for King Corobo and his ever-ready Royal Guard. After his kingdom was overrun by Devil King, Corobo and his faithful band of soldiers have launched a counterattack in a bid to free the land.


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Nights HD bundle and Sonic Adventure 2 HD available for PS3

Nights and Sonic Adventure 2 (360, PC, PS3) PSN Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

The HD remakes of Sega’s Nights into Dreams and Sonic Adventure 2 have launched on PSN. The $9.99 downloads will be followed by the 360 versions on Live Arcade for 800 MS Points on October 5. In addition to featuring trophy and achievement support as well as graphical upgrades, Nights is bundled with the fantastic holiday-themed promo release Christmas Nights. PS3 gamers receive an extra bonus in the form of a free theme for either game with purchase.


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